To establish guidelines that ensures a safe and healthy work environment for the employees and its subcontractors.


The Company’s HSE policy applies to all employees.


Bhugarbho Geo Sciences is committed to protect the health of its employees, subcontractor’s & client’s employees. Company strives for the safety of its operations and assets. Company is fully committed to protect the environment where it carries its operation by giving utmost importance to the communities and government regulations in the area of operation.

Bhugarbho is committed to:

  1. Comply with the requirements of all legislations in place and spread the culture of promoting best practices in the field of Health, Safety and Environment.
  2. Provide a safe working environment to its employees and sub contractors. All risks will be assessed, identified and mitigation plan for the risk is implemented.
  3. Provide adequate resources to all employees and other stake holder to make them aware of and adherence to the policy.
  4. All our people are adequately instructed and trained on the health and safety issues that affect them and the safe working practices always followed.
  5. If company going in new area, all our people will be informed of the health and safety hazards and risks that affect their work.
  6. Create a culture that does not tolerate threats to health and defines intended safety culture.

This policy has immediate effect and will be reviewed and amended, as necessary.


Arvind Verma

Managing Director