Quality Management


Bhugarbho Management is committed to Good HSE practices in the organization. Bhugarbho strives for the health of our employees, their safety and the environment where we work. We work hard for the Safety/Security of the Client Data in our possession and quality of the products we generate.

We follow the IAGC guidelines on QHSE for Seismic Data Acquisition.

Some of the Policies in place are mentioned below:

  1. HSE Policy   :                        01_HSE Policy-rev1
  2. Quality Policy :                      03_Quality Policy-rev1
  3. Driving Policy :                      04_Driving Policy
  4. Drug & Alcohol Policy            02_Drug Alcohal Policy-rev1
  5. Smoking Policy                      05_Smoking Policy
  6. Employee Conduct Policy

Quality Management :

Client satisfaction is our main motto. Technical assessment of project needs and set QA/QC procedure during project execution enable us to deliver quality assured project on time. To make our work processes fully adaptable to client needs, we encourage frequent correspondence in several forms:

  • Weekly progress reports.
  • QC displays of test results in several formats (e.g. PDF and PowerPoint) agreed with clients.
  • Meeting on our office or client site to review the progress at mutually convenient time
  • Start-up/close down meeting to interact on processing objectives/challenges beforehand & discussing final results.
  • Feedback/ Customer Satisfaction Form (midterm Customer Satisfaction form if project turnaround time is more than 6 months duration).
  • MOM to be issued within 24 hours of meeting & addressing clients’ query in reasonable time.

Risk management :

The two principal risks in any projects are timing and costs.

We fully manage your cost risks because our project pricing is fixed for the entire scope of work. Risk management of project timing require continuous communication and adaptability to ensure that all data QC objectives are met on time.

Our first response to timing issues is to re-allocate resources and computing infrastructure for assistance. If we require timeline adjustments–for whatever reason–we will communicate with the client as soon as possible to find a solution that meets the objectives and ensures that we deliver a quality product.

Data Integrity :

The information including the data provided to us by the clients and that we produce during the project execution stage is the permanent record of the clients. We will strive to assure the quality of these data products and services and ensure that the objective accuracy of such data is maintained at all times while it is in our custody. No employee working on client data shall be allowed to alter such data so as to render it objectively inaccurate.

Management Commitment :

The management of the company is fully committed for the quality of productts and serveices that we deliver to our clients. Various quality control measures are in place and are set out below:

  • Client feed-back:

All our personnel are encouraged to record any evidence which suggests that our quality can be improved.

  • Project review meetings with clients and contractors:

All parties are given the opportunity to voice their opinions at these meetings.

  • Directors enquiries:

Information obtained from informal contacts and sales visits is recorded.

Records of the above are used to identify problems with the quality system and also to extend or improve the service offered to clients and contractors.

The actions to be taken are determined at Management Review Meetings and the Director responsible for quality ensures that the actions are implemented.

The above system is also used to monitor the quality of our deliverables with the addition of records of internal reviews or returned items.

Training :

Training records are maintained which include records of training undertaken, and evidence of qualifications. Training requirements are identified in consultation with personnel and through examination of training records.

The Directors and other personnel up-date their knowledge of the industry and new techniques by membership of professional bodies and/or subscription to industry journals and information services.

Personnel engaged as consultants are selected on the basis of their qualifications i.e. appropriate education, training and/or experience. Clients are normally given the opportunity to assess and change the nominated consultants prior to starting a project.