To establish guidelines for a smoking free culture in the organization.


The Company’s smoking policy applies to all employees, clients, contractors and visitors


To protect and enhance our indoor air quality and to contribute to the health and well-being of all employees, the Bhugarbho Geo Sciences shall be entirely smoke free. Additionally, the use of all tobacco and smoking products, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), is banned from the Bhugarbho Geo Sciences workplace.

Smoking is prohibited within all work areas of Bhugarbho Geo Sciences and public spaces including conference rooms, private offices, reception areas, restrooms, stairwells, hallways and work stations, as well as all other enclosed areas, without exception.

Smoking is prohibited in all of the enclosed areas within the Bhugarbho Geo Sciences work sites. This also includes employer owned or leased vehicles.

Any violation of this policy will result in adverse employment action up to and including dismissal.


Arvind Verma

Managing Director