• Work Flexibility
  • Interactive Approach
  • Optimally blended team of young and experienced people
  • One Stop Solution for all E&P Services
  • State-of-the-Art equipment and technology
  • Standardized HSE and Quality Management
  • Adaptation to local cultures


  • Client Satisfaction
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellence
  • Ownership
  • QHSE Compliance


We use Halliburton’s comprehensive SeisSpace / ProMax suite of data-processing tools, plus an

Landmark:             Promax/SeisSpace (2D/3D processing software)

XtremeGeo LLC:   Flatirons (Geometry and Refraction Statics Solution)

Techco:                  MASTT (Residual Statics)

OpendTect:            OpendTect (2D/3D interpretation and velocity model building)

Paradigm:              Geolog for petrophysical analysis of well logs, borehole image data processing and fracture characterization, acoustic waveform data processing, Production log Interpretation & geomechanics, etc.

Paradigm:              Interpretation Pro comprising of SeisEarth XV, Stratimagic, SeisFacies, VoxelGeo, Explorer (Maps & Volumes),  ComprehensiveAttr,  Coherence CubeAttr, QSI-RFP for Interpretation, etc. for seismic interpretation, SKUA-GoCAD, etc

Other software/plug-in for interpretation, modelling, etc.

Schlumberger:       Petrel for Interpretation and visualization, and several Petrel plugins to carry out Quantitative Interpretation work

CapMedia:             Copy+ (Tape transcription and copying SEGD & SEGY Files)


Bhugarbho has a dedicated infrastructure comprising of a high-speed server, high performance workstations and tape drives to cater to the need of the E & P companies. Bhugarbho provides sufficient computing and storage capabilities to carry out any project. Bhugarbho has presently the following infrastructure:

  1. Multi-CPU Linux Clusters with parallel processing architecture
  2. Multi-Terabyte disk capacity (~50Tb RAID5 configured Hard Disk)
  3. Dedicated computer room air conditioner for controlled climate conditions
  4. 3592 Tape Drive – multiple numbers
  5. 3590 Tape Drive – multiple numbers
  6. Individual workstations for each analyst with 2x 8-core CPUs and dual heads